Paving the way for solar : a video story of two individuals a part of the Solarize East Central Indiana movement

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Ellis, Rachel Ann
Smith-Rodden, Martin
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Thesis (B.?)
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The state of the earth's climate has been debated heavily on social, political and economic levels for years. The shift into renewable energy has been a widespread movement across the country and around the world as advancements in technology have increased. Sustainability has become a priority on a local and national scale as more people are taking a look into how to combat climate change. For my thesis, I decided to look into ways Muncie is sustainable, which led me to my video project on Carolyn and John Vann, two Muncie residents who have a lot of knowledge on various subjects and a passion for greenness. This video project combines photos and video narrating the Vann's involvement and experiences with the Solarize East Central Indiana Movement, a movement that encourages home owners in the region, including Muncie, to go solar. Their time spent volunteering to give presentations on the benefits of renewable energy and advocating for going solar has inspired more than 30 homeowners to go solar, while they themselves also adopted solar panels for their home in the process. They have educated many in their quest to encourage people to do their part to make this world a better place.