The effect of branched-chain amino acid supplementation Rebuild II [TM], on cortisol levels in healthy resistance trained males

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Sharp, Carwyn
Pearson, David R.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Physical Education
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Computer-mediated communication [CMC] is beginning to be used more frequently in traditional classrooms. A group of physical chemistry professors have developed Physical Chemistry On-Line [PCOL] modules designed to augment in-class instruction and engage students at geographically dispersed institutions in activities to help them learn physical chemistry concepts. These modules use context-rich scenarios with a guided-inquiry approach, and the WWW and e-mail for information distribution and communication. This allows for intra- and inter-institutional collaboration between module participants. Three modules implemented during the Fall 2000 term are evaluated in this study. In order to assess the effectiveness of PCOL, each student completed a pre-module and post-module survey, pre-module and post-module content questions, and participated in an online discussion group. The primary focus of this analysis was to determine the student's: 1) perception of on-line activities, 2) perception of on-line interactions, and 3) use of computers.