The Gateway Mile Video Campaign : communicating with clients, civic leaders, and ourselves

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Hannon, Mitch
Carlson, Nancy B. (Nancy Briggs)
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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Our project sought to investigate the process of undertaking and producing a video campaign for the Elkhart County Convention and Visitor's Bureau, but at its core, was about one key element: communication. Throughout this journal of our experiences, we discuss the effort of bringing a marketing campaign to life through video, and the facets of communication that are a part of this process.

We begin by recounting how we started working with our client, and how further correspondence developed our relationship from producing a single project into a full video campaign. We retell conversations that grew ideas and themes into a full marketing message. We discuss interacting with clients in a professional context, and we reveal our methods of interacting with civic leaders and business owners to tell their stories. Our production process is laid bare and explained in its issues and efficiencies, and we detail the editing process that refined raw stories and thoughts into messages of hope, success, and pride. We reflect on when communication became fuzzy, leading to extra work, stress, and uncertainty, and how this pushed us to rethink, rebuild, and refine our messaging. Finally, we conclude with how our communication has continued with our client and how grown to become better businessmen and storytellers through our experiences.