Cultural immersion experiences : impact on nursing students

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Dusthimer, Kathy J.
Twibell, Kathryn R.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Nursing
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Providing holistic care requires nurses to be sensitive to cultural differences. Nursing programs have integrated transcultural nursing content into nursing curricula. However cultural competence requires more than knowledge of another culture. Research suggests that an immersion experience can have an impact on personal and professional practice (Ryan & Twibell, 2002). The purpose of this study is to examine perceptions of nursing students following an immersion experience and the impact on personal insight and professional practice. Ryan and Twibell's Matrix for Personal and Professional Growth Through a Transcultural Immersion Experience will be utilized as the framework for this descriptive study. The sample will be 25 junior and senior nursing students who participated in a 2-week experience. Ryan and Twibell's (2002) Transcultural Nursing Immersion Experience Questionnaire (TNIEQ) will measure the perceptions and impact of a cultural immersion experience on students after the experience. Permission will be obtained through Ball State University and the participating university. Knowledge gained from this study will provide information about the effects of the cultural immersion experience on personal and professional practice and will assist educators in restructuring cultural experiences for an immersion experience.