The White River Cultural Arts Park

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Kloser, Kenneth J.
Spangler, Ronald L.
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The opportunity exists in Indianapolis to bring together a variety of opportunities in the arts and present them to the people of the city. A cultural arts park would bring a variety of experiences together to expose a wider variety of people to the arts. The opportunity exists to expose people to facets of the arts which they may not be familiar with or which they do not currently have the chance to experience. There need not be a limit to the variety of artistic expressions. This will be a place for everything from dance and opera, to graffiti and rock concerts. There will be something for all walks of life.The cultural arts park will be developed as part of the White River State Park just a few blocks west of Monument Circle and the entertainment district of Indianapolis. Once established with an identity of its own, this site should benefit from the dense urban population and the high level of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area. The large crowds associated with an urban center like downtown Indianapolis provide the excitement and spontaneity that would enhance the character of this project.Patrons of the park will not be limited to the role of spectator. Participation in the arts will be strongly encouraged. The scope of programming will range from professional performances and exhibits to school groups and local amateurs. Classes and workshops will be one way of opening people up to new experiences and exposing hidden interests and talents.The arts provide an opportunity to break down social barriers. Each work of art or performance is open for personal interpretation. It is what people want it to be. By providing a place for performance, creation, and the evolution of ideas and expressions, a diverse group of people can be brought together for a common purpose while doing their own thing. In this setting, the arts break down barriers which exist in other aspects of their lives.