Perceptions of Indiana high school counselors on the usefulness of reputational rankings in higher education

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Evenson, Sarah E.
Mulvihill, Thalia M., 1963-
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Secondary, Higher, and Foundations of Education
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceptions of Indiana high school counselors relative to the usefulness of reputational rankings on higher education institutions. The perceptions of counselors were collected and examined through a survey instrument developed for this study. One-hundred and sixteen participants completed the survey resulting in a 39% return rate.Indiana high school counselors perceive themselves to have an impact on a students college choice. These results are representative of what other studies have pointed out about a counselors impact on high school students. 66% of the respondents felt that they understood the material presented in reputational rankings, however only 23% responded that reputational rankings were easy to understand. Counselors did not perceive that reputational rankings did not provide comprehensive material for a student to make a choice about college. Still, over 50% stated that they thought students should take the time to look at repuational rankings when making a choice about college.When describing positive and negative perceptions of reputational rankings, counselors listed a number of factors in each area. Positive perceptions about rankings were that they could serve as a good starting point and that they provided a good comparison of schools and programs.When looking at negative items, counselors felt that too much weight was put into rankings and that they were invalid or provided misleading information.