(Re)envisioning Anderson's urban brownfields : a vision for revitalizing General Motors brownfields in Anderson, Indiana

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Fields, Derrek T.
Bussiere, Simon M.
Marlow, Christopher M.
Motloch, John L.
Yigit-Turan, Burcu
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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Automotive manufacturing has greatly impacted the development and identity of Anderson, Indiana, from industrialization to deindustrialization. This project examines three General Motors brownfields in Anderson for revitalization and redevelopment. Revitalization efforts of the brownfields will create an urban corridor masterplan and establish a connection between the spaces and the city. Understanding specific brownfield site concerns and successful urban spaces will be essential to transform these spaces into urban corridors. Sustainable design strategies will be used to produce an urban corridor master plan for Anderson’s GM brownfields. The potential and value of revitalizing brownfield properties increases public health, environmental health, economic health, and the overall aesthetic of the city. Rebuilding the city of Anderson begins with revitalization and redevelopment of the automotive brownfields within the city.