The Holocaust in the elementary classroom : a unit of study for the fifth grade : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Clark, Emily D.
Felsenstein, Frank
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This project is an accumulation of two interests I have, elementary education and the Holocaust. After taking a colloquium during the spring of my junior year I was introduced to more areas of the Holocaust and how there is a lack of this part of history in the state of Indiana's state curriculum and standards in elementary grade levels. While researching standards that explicitly state the teaching of the Holocaust in Indiana, I came across the state's recommended reading list for third, fourth, and fifth grade. Under that list is the novel Number the,; ,by Lois Lowry, a historical fiction text about Denmark during World War II and the Holocaust, yet there is no standard that explicitly states the teaching of the Holocaust. Upon reviewing my own beliefs and other educational sources I decided to design a unit to teach the Holocaust using Indiana's state standards as the base of the lessons. I have created a three to four week unit plan for fifth grade students based on the novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. In this unit students will learn about stereotypes and discrimination and how these two enemies of mankind have worked together to destroy many people. Through this novel being presented the students will also learn how a sense of community and civic justice can work together to protect all people and embrace the uniqueness that is offered in mankind. My beliefs on why the Holocaust should be taught in the elementary classroom are also included.