Perceptions of selected Greensburg Community High School graduates regarding the secondary school curriculum

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Dunkin, Ralph
Snyder, Jack F.
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Thesis (Ed. S.)
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The purpose of the study was to analyze the curricular offerings of the secondary school in Greensburg, Indiana. The data obtained should enable the administrators of Greensburg Community High School make decisions concerning present and future curricular offerings. Two questions were raised: (1) Had the needs of all students been met? (2) Had the needs of the society which the school serves been satisfied? The assumption was made that the fundamental curriculum needs of the high school pupil had been identified during the past years, and then a more basic question was posed: To what extent had these needs been met? The study was also concerned with determining whether or not graduates of Greensburg Community High School were adequately prepared to assume a responsible place in society, to further their education, or to become gainfully employed with no additional formal education.The data for the study was obtained by means of questionnaires and personal interviews with graduates from Greensburg Community High School, Greensburg, Indiana. Greensburg Community High School has five curricular offerings from which a student may choose: general, home economics, industrial, business, and interviewed college preparatory. Seven graduates were selected from each of the curricular offerings for five years, 1970 through 1974. The questionnaires were mailed to a selected population numbering 175 graduates. Twenty-.two of these graduates were also either personally or by telephone.Information pertaining to the following areas were sought: 1. Number of graduates receiving post-secondary training. 2. Curricular offerings with most value. 3. The curricular offerings with some value. 4. The curricular offerings with least value. 5. Additional curricular offerings which should be made available.6. Adequacy of the curriculum offered at Greensburg Community High School relevant to advanced study, specialized training, or general employment.Twenty--two Greensburg Community High School students were interviewed either personally or by telephone. The purpose of the interviews was to provide a direct contact with the selected graduates as well as to gather in-depth perceptions of the curriculum.Data from the study opened numerous areas for the discussion of the curricular offerings of Greensburg Community High School. An attempt was made to collect information that had the most relevant implications concerning the curricular offerings of Greensburg Community High School.The major findings of the study were:1. Twenty-seven percent of all respondents were reported to have been enrolled in or presently attending a four-year college or university.2. Nineteen percent had received or were receiving some type of post-secondary training, excluding the four-year college program.3. Forty-six percent of the graduates were enrolled in some form of post-secondary training.4. The graduates rated government, accounting, English, mathematics, physical education, and typing as offerings of most value during secondary school training.5. Foreign language, including Latin, Spanish, and French, were rated as offerings of least value. United States History and chemistry were also rated low.6. A majority of the graduates indicated that the curricular offerings of Greensburg Community High School were sufficient for meeting their needs.7. Eighty-six percent of the graduates believed that the training received during high school was sufficient preparation for advanced study, specialized training, or general employment.8. Seventy-seven graduates, or 86.5 percent of the graduates, responded that the high school could have done little else to prepare them for gainful employment.The purpose of the study was to collect data which would give a comprehensive view of the curricular offerings of Greensburg Community High School. Another purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the curricular offerings as perceived by selected graduates of Greensburg Community High School. Based upon the two purposes of the study the following conclusions are made:1. Curricular offerings are adequate at this time, but an examination concerning the content of some courses needs to be implemented.2. The guidance procedure should be updated so that graduates are aware of opportunities during their years in secondary education as well as during their time spent in post-secondary education.3. An examination of the extent or worth of foreign language offerings should be made.4. Career education should be implemented in the curricular offerings as a separate offering or as a part of one of the present vocational offerings.Based upon the findings and conclusions, the following recommendations are made:1. A self-study should be conducted by the concerned departments regarding the adequacy of courses and course content.2. A similar study should be conducted utilizing a larger population.