Woodland Park : a residential community

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Drennen, Gregory A.
Costello, Anthony J.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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ABOUT THE THESIS PROGRAM Ball State's College of Architecture and Planning has a five year architecture program leading to a Bachelor of - Architecture degree. The fifth year design studio is devoted entirely to individual thesis projects. This book is the documentation of my thesis year.ABOUT THE BOOK This thesis book is divided into four chapters covering initial research and analysis, through final designs.Chapters one and two cover the first quarter of thesis which consists of site selection and analysis. Chapter three covers the bulk of design development during the second quarter of thesis. Chapter four covers design development and final designs which round out the third quarter of thesis.The thesis project is a suburban residential development on a twenty acre site near Muncie, Indiana adjacent to an existing housing development called Woodland Park. The project utilizes solar and wind schemes as a basis for site planning and home designs.