Thin-layer gel-filtration studies of adenosine deaminase in normal and pathological human sera

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Frazier, Ronald Burdette
Ma, Pang-Fai
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Thesis (M.S.)
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Previous studies of serum adenosine deaminase have neglected consideration of the two molecular forms of this enzyme that exist in human tissues. The purpose of this study was to survey the distribution of these forms in normal and pathological human sera. Both molecular forms were present in normal serum, though the small form predominated. This form also predominates in lymphocytes, erythrocytes, and in tissues with high specific activity of this enzyme. The ratio of the two forms is different for plasma and serum and can change with sample storage. The activity of the small form varied over a wider range than the activity of the large form in normal serum. Many pathological samples showed an altered distribution of the two forms. This study demonstrates the potential usefulness of serum forms of adenosine deaminase for distinguishing some pathological conditions.