Keeping the faith : rebuilding the congregation of Calvary Presbyterian Church in Logansport, Indiana

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DeWitt, Molly K.
Doyle, Michael William, 1953-
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Thesis (B.?.)
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The Presbyterian Church of the United States of America, PC (USA), is encountering a tumultuous period in its history. Presbyterianism has become diverse theologically, reflecting what many would see as liberal or conservative views, which have begun to clash. As a denomination that has a strict bureaucratic hierarchy set up much like a government, decisions are made by vote, but the voting system has left many decisions at a deadlock. Disagreements over abortion, gay marriage, the ordination of gay pastors, and other issues have forced many churches and individuals to leave the denomination, but this is no easy task. These issues, along with the economic downturn, have hit the smaller churches and ministries endorsed by PC (USA) incredibly hard. A case study of Calvary Presbyterian Church in Logansport, Indiana, the Presbytery of Wabash Valley and its ministry, Geneva Center, a camp and conference center, has been undertaken in order to ascertain the factors that might deter or reverse their demise within the Presbyterian Church (USA).