Exploration of the critical care nursing setting

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McDonald, Megan C.
Siela, Debra L.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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The focus of nursing practice is patient-centered care. This means that all assessment, interventions, and actions taken by a nurse are as specific to each individual patient as possible. Different hospital units are specialized to provide more specialized care for different types of patients. Critical care units provide care to patients who are severely ill. This includes patients with acute, life threatening illnesses, post-surgical patients, and patients who need a high level of care and monitoring. Critical care nurses work closely with different specialties to provide direct and focused care. I worked with multiple patients in Ball Memorial Hospital’s critical care units and was able to observe and practice the skills involved in critical care nursing. Through a series of case studies, I developed my critical thinking skills and ability to connect the different disease processes affecting a patient’s health.