Convergence : combining print and mulitmedia [i.e. multimedia] design : an honors thesis [and creative project] (HONRS 499)

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Brumbaugh, Jeremy L.
Leidig-Farmen, Pamela
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Traditional forms of media and story-telling are changing. Gone are the days where a story is limited to just newspapers or television because the internet has revolutionized the way the public retrieves information. By applying consistent, fluid designs that allow for all people to have access to the information and allow consumers to connect both products to one another. The combination of print and multimedia designs displaying similar information give consumers two different versions of the product. With different mediums, consumers can choose how to acquire the information they consider pertinent to their lives. Convergence is a practice of sharing and cross promoting content from a variety of media through newsroom collaborations and outside partnerships. Television stations, multimedia facilities, and newspapers are joining together to create conglomerates to disperse news to the public via different mediums. In order to capture this sense of convergence, my senior creative project for the Ball State University Honor's College challenged my journalism graphics skills to combine traditional print and multimedia storytelling mediums via the Art Director position for The Ball State University - College of Communication, Information, and Media's 2002-2003 Annual Report.