A watershed approach to decrease flooding of Pipe creek in Alexandria, Indiana

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Zapf, Jeff A.
Ferguson, David L.
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Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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This project explores one method of controlling flooding of Pipe Creek in Alexandria, Indiana. The method used is one of placing wetlands and grass filters within one subwatershed of Pipe Creek to reduce peak discharge and the time to peak discharge. A computer program called Sedimot II was used to determine the peak discharge for the Thurston Ditch subwatershed of Pipe Creek. Both 10 and 50 year 24 hour storms were studied. Following the construction of base line hydrographs for both storm events, four examples of wetland and grass filter placement were shown for the watershed. Hydrographs were then produced for all four alternatives for both 10 and 50 year storms. Recommendations were then made on how these examples could be used in the rest of the Pipe Creek watershed to further reduce the potential for flooding in Alexandria.