Sunmount : a resort at the mounds recreation area in Brookville, Indiana

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McLaughlin, Robert F.
Costello, Anthony J.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The need for recreational facilities is increasing. American society, with its shorter work weeks and larger per-capita income is gradually becoming a leisure time society. At the same time our energy demands are reaching the point where there is more need than our limited energy resources can supply.SUNMOUNT is an attempt at designing a facility which will function according to these needs. Recreational activities will be designed to meet future demands. A lodge, restaurant and convention complex will provide the neccessary amenities usually found in better motel complexesSolar energy collection has proven economically feasible in certain applications. SUNMOUNT will be partially heated by solar energy. The higher installation costs of the collection equipment will be defrayed by substantial annual energy savings of 50% to 60%. Therefore in 12 to 15 years the break-even point of using solar heat will be reached. The equipment will provide an annual profit of 50=to 60% of the heating bill in the ensuing years.