Regenerating Detroit [analyzed]

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Buchanan, Shannon Lynette
Dotson, Olon F.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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This thesis explores the social impact a new pedestrian bridge linking the Eastern Market with a severely distressed community to its east could bring to Detroit Michigan. This project stems from an ARCH 302 competition project that I worked on with my colleague, Morganne Walker. The competition required us to design a steel pedestrian bridge and have a pavilion containing an auxiliary program. For our site we chose to connect Detroit's Eastern Market, an active farmers market, with a neglected, dilapidated neighborhood. With our auxiliary program of an urban agriculture supply hub, we intend to encourage urban farming on the vacant lots in the vicinity of the pavilion. This thesis determines whether this project could make an impact of the declining city of Detroit, and demonstrates how revitalization is possible in a place so devastated, so that the community can stand by their city motto proudly, "We Hope for Better Things; It Shall Rise from the Ashes."