The Coalition of Student Advocates and the BSU letter writing campaign : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Mills, Betsy A.
Stedman, Barbara A.
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In response to what we felt was excessive apathy on Ball State's campus, two students and I formed the Coalition of Student Advocates (CSA). The first goal of the organization was to encourage civic involvement among the students at Ball State University through events focusing on current political and social issues. The second goal was to organize discussions, focus groups, and events focusing on issues concerning Ball State students, and to provide an arena for networking and resource sharing (e.g., articles, websites, etc.) to Ball State students. The third goal of CSA was to advance student awareness and involvement in current political and social issues. The main event of the Coalition of Student Advocates, the BSU Letter Writing Campaign, brought more than 60 attendees together to discuss current issues and to relay their concerns by way of letter writing.