Ball State University Sports Complex

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Enguidanos, Miguel
Fisher, Robert A.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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Ball State Sport Complex is a multi-sport facility that uses existing sport fields and combines them into one varsity athletic area. Situated on a triangular site surrounded by Bethel, McGalliard, and Tillotson, the arena complex is across from the varsity football field and the Service and Stores buildings. The arena was designed to lessen the usage load of the two gymnasiums on campus. These two facilities would be converted into intramural and classroom spaces. The new arena would have a fixed seating capacity of 14,000 people and floor area of approximately 500,000 sq. ft. Evants such as concerts, conventions, shows, would be held here along with the usual sports of basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, volleyball, etc.The seating plan, a functional roof (soccer/lacrosse), and a low profile were determining factors in the shape of the building. A two-way truss system supports the building and is supported at the mechanical core. The truss is 15' deep. The arena is 77' underground with lighting coming in through east/west wells. The wells also serve as emergency exits for the third and fourth floors. The dirt that is brought out would be used to create the berms. There is sufficient parking (over 4000) spaces to the north of the site along with two parking spaces on the triangular site. I chose to design an arena because of my interest in sports, the availability of the site for study and because I didn't know any better.The site includes a new varsity pool complex, locker rooms underneath the berms, there are under-road passages to the parking spaces north of the site and next to the football stadium. I would like to thank my professors and my fellow students and Vickie and also Miller Beer for their inspiration and help.