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Hollcraft, Molly
Morris, Ronald V.
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Honors College
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The Ball State University Honors Program was created at the end of the 1960s and became an Honors College in 1979. During this time, the Honors College saw several changes. During the 1980s, with Arno F. Wittig in charge, the Honors College saw major changes that impacted it. The recent discovery of documents from Dean Wittig related to the Honors College brought to light unused sources that triangulate with the oral history interview to provide new insights. The use of interviews, document analysis, and correspondence illustrated Wittig’s contributions to the Ball State University Honors College. The documents also illuminated the preservation of Honors College culture in synchrony with administrative changes. All of the information provided in these resources explained changes in the Ball State University Honors College, with a concentration on how the people and culture of the Honors College were affected.