International student-academic adviser interactions : a communication audit and recommendations for effectiveness

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Mohankumar, Pearl H.
Davis, Deborah A.
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Department of Journalism
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Changing parameters in the worldwide environment have necessitated the adoption, innovation, and internationalization of higher education. The rapid advances in transportation and the instantaneity in communication have increased the need for international and intercultural understanding, adding to the urgent priority to internationalize. One of the methods through which higher educational institutions internationalize is by receiving foreign students. This has brought in competition among higher education institutions and their efforts to attract top academic talent in the world is an indication of this competitiveness. Since the international student population is established as one of the key publics of the university, it is necessary to create effective, strategic communications to build student-adviser relationships. Based on the literature reviewed, if positive relational outcomes are considered to have a favorable effect on the organization’s image and positive WOM intentions, this study posited that communication behaviors between international students and university personnel, as constructs of organizationpublic relationships, will create favorable outcomes on the university reputation. This qualitative study examined the communication patterns of international students with university personnel and its effect on student satisfaction of the university and their WOM intentions.