Ten educational slide-narrative programs on orchids

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Micklow, Frederick A.
Nisset, Jerry J.
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Thesis (M.S.)
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The present creative project was undertaken to prepare educational programs on orchids. The author has worked with orchids for a period of ten years during which time he has developed expertise in the taxonomy, culturing, photography and collection of this family of plants.The creative project involved the selection of 385 35 mm slides from the author's collection, and the development of narrative which illustrates basic information about the Orchidaceae. The programs were developed for audiences possessing at least a modest botanical background. Two specific groups expected to use the programs are botany students at Ball State University and members of the American Orchid Society.The material on orchids was divided into ten topics: (1) Definition of an Orchid, (2) Diversity of Orchids; (3) Pollination of Orchids, (4) Hybridization of Orchids; (5) Propagation of Orchids; (6) Culture of Orchids; (7) Culture and Problems of Orchids; (8) Species of Orchids; (9) Buying and Showing of Orchids; (10) Orchid Collecting in Paraguay. Complete sets of 35 mm slides to accompany the narrative for each program have been placed on file in the Department of Biology at Ball State University.Ball State UniversityMuncie, IN 47306