Voices from the Little Bighorn : George Custer, Marcus Reno, Wooden Leg, and Winfield Edgerly : a collection of essays and stories from the field

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Mauer, Lola R.
Kingery, Margaret
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of English
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This collection is not meant to be a history book, but instead a creative work highlighting four participants in the battle of the Little Bighorn. Included, are actual events and people of the famous 1876 war between the American Indians and the U.S. 7"' Cavalry. Historical fiction is entwined within each piece to give readers a clear picture of what occurred on that June day. For instance, the author creates dialogue between the characters, while not knowing what each person actually said. Years of research has provided the author with insight into the characters, while assisting the National Park Service as a summer trail guide at the Little Bighorn helped the author to set each scene for readers. The authors repeated experiences at the battlefield has helped to form the choices made in these stories. Evidence found since the historic battle ended, and items discovered now, stress the importance that the search must go on. The stories of Custer, Reno, Wooden Leg and Edgerly deserve to be told in a contemporary way while remaining historically accurate. Educating others about the significant battle and how it shaped the American West is essential.