Mixed blessings : interviews with cross-cultural and interracial couples at Ball State University : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Said, Tania
Gehring, Wes D.
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Thesis (B.?.)
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I have set out with the purpose of interviewing interracial and cross-cultural couples to find out the range of experiences at Ball State University. This is not scientific by any means (and I will not pretend it is), but it does coincide with increasing interracial relationships in the United States. Instead, I would like to call this an informal investigation of the degree of comfort experienced by a variety of students at a medium-sized Midwestern university and then, present it through my own experiences in a journal and a short video production. I have included the logs, participants' profiles, and script to show the evolution of the final result.Although I have known many mixed couples personally, I have never probed with the intensity I have for this project. I interviewed six couples at the beginning of the summer to establish a rapport and later eight of those twelve people met to discuss their experiences at what is considered a typical American campus. They talk about their first meetings with in-laws and prospective in-laws to be, acceptance in society, the survival of their cultural characteristics in their children, and other topics.Later, I interviewed a racially mixed couple to ask their opinions of some more detailed issues. They discuss if their relationship is different from any other, the special qualities they possess, and other points.Little or no conclusion is made except hope lies with the young as far as tolerance and acceptance of all diverse people are concerned.