Test of faith

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Osifalujo, Elizabeth
Mullins, Matthew
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M. A.
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My creative project is a screenwriting project that centers on fictional characters living in Lagos, Nigeria. The screenplay aims to showcase my understanding of screenwriting format, structure, content, and style, and to apply the essential techniques of visual storytelling discussed in the screenwriting classes I took. The value of this project lies in the opportunity to develop my skills as a screenwriter by honing my ability to craft compelling stories about a specific group of people’s way of life that captivate an audience. Test of Faith is a feature-length film script that is divided into three acts fully developed in my synopsis and beat sheet. The beat sheet provides a detailed breakdown of the major events leading to the end of the script, while the synopsis clearly states the key ideas of the story. In this project, I am submitting a critical introduction and the first twenty-seven pages that comprise the script's first act. In writing the first act of my feature-length script, I applied the essential techniques of visual storytelling to effectively portray the events leading up to the inciting incident that kicks the story into gear and concludes my first act with the plot point 1. Through this project, I have strived to apply the principles of cinematic storytelling to create the first act of a compelling narrative that I hope engages the audience and takes them on an emotional journey of standing up against societal pressures and building self-confidence.