Mommy is my teacher : qualitative case studies of three families' homeschooling experience

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Shepherd, Dan.
Sharp, William L.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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This dissertation is a qualitative case study of three homeschooling families. Because of the relative recentness of homeschooling as a widespread educational option for parents and because of the relatively few students participating in homeschooling, educators and others interested in this approach may benefit from the close qualitative consideration of homeschooling families of differing sizes, economic statuses, educational backgrounds, and other demographic differences. The primary research methodology for this dissertation is extensive and comprehensive interviews with three practicing homeschool families selected primarily because of their willingness to participate in the intensive interview process for this dissertation. The literature reviewed and the research questions considered include information about the estimated number of homeschooled students currently in the United States, the rationale behind parents’ choice to homeschool, a review of the basic demographics of homeschoolers, the legal and professional educators’ opinions about homeschooling, the instructional methods and curricular materials of homeschoolers, the academic achievement of homeschooled students, and the eventual college and career success of homeschooled students. The dissertation found that, while homeschooling parents would agree with much of the literature available to describe them, there were emphases and challenges to homeschooling that have not been fully studied and are applicable to individual families.