Effects of group music therapy on psychiatric patients : depression, anxiety and relationships

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Trahin, Christina M.
Ryan, Marilyn E.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Nursing
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Mental illnesses is often misunderstood and not managed well in the healthcare system. Treatment for mental illnesses includes multiple medications and therapy. However, most individuals with mental illness are treated at home. Alternative therapy and other interventions may bridge the gap between home treatment and hospitalization. The purpose of this study is to evaluate a group music therapy intervention with mentally ill individuals to determine the effects on depression, anxiety, and relationships. This is a replication of Choi, Lee and Lim’s (2008) study. The study is based on the work of (Lippin and Micozzi 2006), alternative therapy programs to increase self-discovery and awareness and self-esteem. The sample will include 30 patients in an outpatient setting who attend group therapy in Northern Indiana. The intervention will be the group music sessions conducted by the researcher in conjunction with group therapy. Depression will be measured by Beck’s Depression Inventory, anxiety by the State and Trait Anxiety Inventor, and relationships by the Relationship Change Scale. Findings of this study will provide information for therapists who work with mentally ill individuals as outpatients to improve outcomes of mental illness and prevent hospitalization.