The designing and developing of transparency masters for Introduction to Manufacturing

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Sexton, Robert A.
Wright, R. Thomas
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Industry & Technology
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During the 1987-88 academic year at Ball State University, it was decided that a series of transparency masters should be produced to support changes occurring in the state's curriculum for industrial technology education. With my interests in instructional material, I felt that this was the year to produce such materials. The instructional benefits to prospective and veteran teachers seem well worth the time and effort.Upon the discussion of changes in the curriculum conclusions as to personal feelings have ranged from panic to delight. Most feelings of panic stemmed from unpreparedness and lack of high quality instructional material. The observation has formed the objective for this creative Project: to use data gathered from Indiana's State Curriculum Guides, recommended textbooks and interviews with high school instructors to design transparency masters for instructional implementation.