A hypertext learning system for theory of computation

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Park, Seongmin
Bagga, Jay
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Computer Science
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The Hypertext concept was introduced about 50 years ago. This thesis presents the development of a reference system using the Hypertext concept. HYATS (HYpertext Automata and Turing Theory Learning 5ys,em) is a system which helps users learn many topics in the area of theory of computation. The system is implemented by Guide which is a general purpose Hypertext system running on PC-Windows environment. HYATS also includes a Turing machine simulating program which was written by Dominique Atger as her Master's Thesis in 1993, so that users can actually experiment with Turing machines learned through HYATS. HYATS will be not only the reference system, but also the complete package of actual learning system. The motivation behind this project is to study basic concepts of a Hypertext system so that it will also contribute to G-Net research. HYATS can be used as a prototype for future development of versions of by using other Hypertext systems such as NoteCards.