A procedural manual for conducting a collegiate bodybuilding competition

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Faison, Lowell T.
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Thesis (M.A.)
School of Physical Education
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The purpose of this project is to produce a procedural manual for a student bodybuilding competition at the university level. The objective of establishing this manual is to furnish a model of how to plan, conduct and evaluate an event from start to finish. In addition, this manual will provide a learning experience for students outside the classroom, e.g.,operating game promotions/activities.Ball State University has a Sports Administration Club that is governed by student leadership. Historically this club provides students with opportunities to gain administrative experience, e.g., hosting intramural basketball tournaments. Ball State University (BSU) also has a National Strength and Conditioning Association Student Chapter (NSCA-SC) club whose mandate is to provide leadership with issues of student fitness e.g., serving as a resource for personal training. The NSCA-SC was not established to promote administrative experiences or organize events. Despite this responsibility the NSCA-SC has been the governing body for conducting the BSUBodybuilding Competition for the past several years. The NSCA-SC has never documented procedures used for conducting the bodybuilding competition.This project will produce a procedural manual for planning and conducting the BSU Bodybuilding Competition. The manual will emphasize student leadership. Each step in planning will be carefully documented with suggested tasks and time-lines. The result of this project, the manual, can be used as a model for other collegiate competitions. Further, this project will create a unique artifact that can be used for guidance in future Ball State University competitions. A copy of the manual is available in the Ball State University's School of Physical Education.