Four-station microcomputer based classroom attendance logger

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Zhang, Chenmin
Errington, Paul R.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Taking attendance in classes having large numbers of students is a time consuming task. Most teachers would rather not do so in order to increase instruction time. An alternative way for taking attendance is developed in this project.This thesis describes a Four-Station-Microcomputer-Based Student Logger (FSAL) device designed and constructed for solving this problem. With this portable device, four students can input their identification codes at the same time. Approximately ten seconds per student is needed to register their attendance. In this manner, a class of one-hundred students could indicate their attendance in less than five minutes.Presented herein is the background information about the microcomputer, the hardware design and the software developed for the FSAL device. This device is located in Department of Physics and Astronomy and is planned to be used in the courses ASTRO 100 and PHYCS 100.