The changing perspective of the woman's role in society as interpreted by women dramatists

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Fauver, Madelyn Joy
Bloom, Gilbert L.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This thesis explores the changing attitudes toward the role of the woman as depicted by women playwrights. A brief history of English and American female dramatists from the last three centuries is given. Their views of women in the context of the popular social views are discussed.The second chapter discusses the development of the script for the production "From Madonna to Militant," which entailed a series of play scenes reflecting the changing trends. The production was presented in Ball State University's Studio Theatre on February 5-8, 1975.The third chapter presents the procedures that were involved in mounting the production and the director's personal evaluation of its outcome.The appendices contain the production book and all the necessary designs to produce "From Madonna to Militant." Publicity and photographs of the production are also included.