Mosaic mural : community of Bradford, Ohio

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Conley, Dannie D.
Arndt, Linda S.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Art
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The purpose of this creative project was to research, build, and replicate portions of the history of the town of Bradford, Ohio in order to create a permanent community monument. Glazed tiles were mounted together to form an artpiece four feet by sixteen feet, preserved for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.Upon completion of research on the community, drawings of area business establishmentswere diligently developed for the clay bas relief tiles, which were sculptured by the artist and his Art I-IV students. Individual clay tiles, composed of terra-cotta stoneware, were bisque fired, underglazed, and refired. To mount the tiles, concrete was applied to sections of plywood (which had been covered with chicken wire). The stoneware tiles were then organized, arranged, and embedded in concrete to create a mosaic mural.The process of the mural forged an unmistakable bond between teacher, students, school, and community. The completed mosaic mural was framed and permanently mounted on location at the Bradford Public Library, 138 E. Main Street, Bradford, Ohio, involving the remodelling of the facility to accommodate the sculpture's size.