Effects of exercise on decreasing prevalence of cardiovascular disease

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Shannon, Carley
Koontz, Nicole
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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in the United States due to the lack of education and awareness, along with an unhealthy lifestyle. Before I studied this disease in school, I was unaware of its complexity and magnitude. Eight different risk factors, six controllable and two uncontrollable, can play a role in developing CVD. Either the general population has no knowledge about the risk factors, or they do not know how to control them. This is the main reason I collaborated with the American Heart Association to organize a Heart Walk in East Central Indiana. The Heart Walk raises money and awareness for CVD and stroke. Through this event, we were able to offer educational booths that included blood pressure and body composition. Organizing the logistics leading up to the event was shaky and we were unsure how the event would unfold. However, the participants loved the event and expressed interest in next year's walk. Each participant left the event with general information about CVD along with new knowledge about how to better control their own risk factors.