Exploring public relations practice in Vietnam : public relations functions, practitioners’ roles, and most important skills for practitioners

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Nguyen, Hanh T.
Supa, Dustin W.
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This study has revealed a comprehensive and updated picture of public relations practice in Vietnam. Public relations in Vietnam has made much progress since it was first examined in 2000. The importance of public relations is generally recognized in Vietnamese organizations and practitioners are well respected in their organizations. Vietnamese practitioners are now performing public relations activities, which were once foreign to them. However, practitioners still do not fully practice excellence public relations. At present, practitioners are performing communication technician roles and they have little chance to do strategic planning activities. In most organizations, the public relations department is integrated into other departments. Furthermore, public relations practice in Vietnam is facing some unethical issues. Press releases can be paid to be published in Vietnamese publications. Last but not least, the study revealed that most important skills for public relations practitioner are interpersonal communication skills, strategic planning skills and writing skills.