The effect of encoding strategies on text material retrieval

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Wilder, Teryle Anderton
Klem, John L.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
Department of Educational Psychology
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The present study was designed to investigate the effectiveness of four encoding strategies upon the retrieval of text material as measured by both immediate and delayed recognition and a recall test given in random order. Subjects included 140 college freshmen enrolled in reading and in study skills classes assigned to either a hierarchal organizing, notetaking, underlining, or repetitive reading encoding strategy. Training was given in each strategy and mastery at a criterion level of 80 percent or better was achieved. Reading comprehension scores as measured by the Nelson - Denny Reading Test, Form C were used as a covariate. An experimental passage of 1,656 words with a 12th grade reading level was administered. Findings were that there were no significant differences between treatments for immediate or delayed essay and multiple choice test scores. Reading scores correlated significantly with the dependent measures. Further, all four encoding strategies resulted in maintained test performance scores on both delayed essay and multiple choice tests. There were significant differences between immediate and delayed essay test scores for classes in favor of the reading classes. Test order did not influence test scores.