The growing tree: songs about us....and our parents

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Boggs, Tucker
Schwandt, Jay
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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Who do we think we are? This single question initiated every phase of the research and execution of THE GROWING TREE, a musical thesis project about our identities, how they affect us, and where they come from. The goal of theatrical songwriting is to take the audience on a journey, from beginning to end, in which something has been discovered over the course of a song. This project is a musical experimentation in which I have attempted to capture a moment of discovery, relating to the theme of identity, in the form of song. All these discoveries have been inspired by real-life interviews with people of varying backgrounds and experiences, all with a different idea of what identity means. In the end, the project has become a culmination of what it means to come into one’s own self, and how that story can be translated when passed on to new people and forms.