Lithic resource acquisition at the Taylor Village Site (12H25)

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Murray, Emily M.
Hill, Mark Andrew, 1957-
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Anthropology
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This thesis focuses on the lithic assemblage of a fortified Late Prehistoric site (AD 1260-1440) in Strawtown, Indiana, that was inhabited by the Oneota, a culture that migrated from their core area in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois to other Midwestern locales such as Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana, Minnesota and Michigan (Theler and Boszhardt 2006: 435) . The types of lithic materials that they were using give insights into mobility, trade, and exchange for this unique group in central Indiana. Research centered on three questions:  What lithic raw materials are present in the two Taylor Village collections?  How might the Oneota at Taylor Village have acquired these lithic raw materials?  What might exotic lithic materials tell archaeologists about trade and exchange in the Late Prehistoric period of Indiana? The primary methods used in this research include literature review and macro- and microscopic methods for identifying chert types to determine where the Oneota were traveling to obtain their raw materials. Research from this thesis contributes to information about the Strawtown locality where multiple cultures were living in close quarters; in addition it contributes to Oneota literature where almost nothing is written about the Oneota in Indiana; this data may provide information about how and why they migrated into central Indiana in the Late Prehistoric period and potentially where they migrated from.