Picture yourself in four years: the college experience

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Flowers, Maggie
Berg, Timothy
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Thesis (B.?)
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This thesis is a culmination of diptych writings that pair and respond to photos that showcase our experiences over the last four years at Ball State. The photos were chosen by each of us separately to showcase significant moments and some of the events overlap between our stories. Since our journeys were so similar, the progression of writing flows chronologically and is relatable to many students that go through similar experiences. The journey of creating this project was a personal experience for each of us while still possessing an outward value to the public and other students. We were able to dig deep into our memories and digest the experiences we had for others to learn from, relate to, and even just enjoy. Throughout this semester, we’ve pushed ourselves past our given talents and majors to produce something that made us think outside of the box and try something new. We hope that current and future members of the Ball State community enjoy a glimpse into our lives over the last four years.