How much is that doggie in the window : the true cost of puppy mills

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Daiker, Megan
Williams, Beth
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Each year, over a million dogs are euthanized in shelters while millions of dogs are bred in puppy mills all over the country. Without sufficient regulation, both the dogs being bred and the puppies sold are victims of dozens of injuries and health concerns. The dogs in puppy mills are bred without breaks and left to rot in tiny cages matted with feces and pests. When their useful life is up, they are murdered inhumanely. Because of lax regulation and legislative loopholes, many facilities operate unchecked and others operate even after being cited for violations. Consumers are led to believe that their precious pets were conceived in much better conditions and thus, continue to support the industry. By increasing regulation, improving the animals' quality of life, and informing consumers, the atrocities of puppy mills can be lessened.