Critical care case study compilation

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Ouillette, Ana C.
Siela, Debra L.
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Thesis (B.?)
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A case study is utilized to analyze a topic in depth in order to better understand the topic at hand. NUR 430, titled Adult Health 4, focused on critical care nursing and caring for critical changes in patient status. The case studies had separated topics that were addressed about the patient I cared for on each clinical day. With a total of five clinical days on the critical care units, five case studies were compiled together to provide an in depth look at the thought process that goes into providing care for a patient on the critical care unit. The case studies provided framework that shaped the thought process of patient care. The topics covered in the case studies included a patient history, course of the current illness, medications, and nursing diagnoses and their subsequent nursing interventions. The nursing intervention aspect allowed for a synthesis of nursing knowledge and translations of that nursing knowledge into usable actions.