The prince of Elysia

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Monahan, Ryan
McKinney, Todd D.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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Fantasy fiction has existed for millennia. Be it through oral tradition, plays, novels, or film and shows on TV, these stories have captivated us with their characters, worlds, and the themes, morals, and messages portrayed within them. This story follows Neil, a young prince who is next in line for the throne of the kingdom of Elysia. Having spent nearly all his life inside the walls of the royal castle, Neil yearns to meet and connect with the people of his kingdom, abandon formalities, and grow stronger as a swordsman. Held back by his position and confined to the castle grounds, Neil escapes with the help of a trusted confidant and mentor, fleeing the castle with the promise of returning in the future after he has achieved his goals. Accompanied by James, a member of the royal guard stationed in the castle, the two venture into the outside world and travel throughout the kingdom while being pursued by a search party of trusted nobles and knights on the orders of the king. Along the way, Neil learns more about himself, James, and life outside the castle. The first three chapters are filled with action, adventure, and political conflict. The Prince of Elysia is a coming-of-age fantasy novel that explores the battle between freedom and safety, accepting oneself and others, overcoming adversity, the desire for strength, and the pursuit of one’s goals.