The Gum Tree magazine : an exploration of satire and the use of comedy to increase the accessibility of rhetorical discourse

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Cox, Maryanne
Waters, Paige Clary
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Thesis (B.?)
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Market research and consumer analysis that I have conducted in media and advertising courses throughout my time at Ball States supports that the genre of content influences the mindset of the viewer, and we must consider this when designing messages for varying audiences. For example, there is evidence to suggest that the familiarity and disarming quality of comedy makes it an ideal tool to communicate what may be uncomfortable material to discuss in another context. This phenomenon of using comedy as a vehicle to facilitate discussion - specifically of controversial social issues - is what I explore in this project. By developing an online satire magazine, which I have titled The Gum Tree, topics spanning from local events to international affairs become increasingly accessible to a broad audience, both by utilizing the universality of the internet and the approachable nature of comedy.