A comparative study of undeclared and declared students-- is there a difference?

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Colburn, Christopher A.
Mikesell, Donald W.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This thesis explored the differences between 1981 Ball State University undeclared and declared major matriculates freshmen on selected variables related to persistence. This study did not attempt to make forecasts regarding persistence by the study participants, but rather to serve as a base population from which longitudinal studies examining the relationship between declaration of a major and persistence could be based.Responses to a 60-item questionnaire were tabulated and analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. A cross tabulation program was used in generating frequency and percentage data. In addition, chi square and T-test programs were used in reviewing the statistical significance of the differences.The undeclared and declared students were found to differ significantly in thier responses to the following variables: 1) college attendance by others; 2) influence to attend college; 3) Ball State University attendance; 4) major/occupation selection priority; and 5) vocational and academic expectations and experiences.