An analysis of three works for wind band by David R. Gillingham : Heroes, lost and fallen ; Apocalyptic dreams ; and Cantus Laetus

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McRoy, James W.
Scagnoli, Joseph R.
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Thesis (D.A.)
School of Music
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David R. Gillingham, born 1947, has established himself as one of today's leading contemporary composers. His current emphasis is on music for wind band, and to date he has over sixty published works for wind band and chamber winds and percussion, representing nearly twenty-five years of composition. Gillingham has received First Prize in the International Barlow Competition in Composition and First Prize in the National Association of Wind and Percussion Instructors Commissioning Contest. Gillingham's works for wind band are performed regularly across the globe by professional and school bands, and he currently has commissions in progress scheduled through 2006.The purpose of this study was to thoroughly examine and document a descriptive analysis of three of Gillingham's works for wind band in order to observe similarities and differences in his compositional style that might prove useful as a reference to prospective conductors and scholars of Gillingham's music. The three works include Heroes, Lost and Fallen (1989), Apocalyptic Dreams (1995) and Cantus Laetus (2000). Separate chapters contain the background and analysis of each work including a comprehensive erratum. An additional chapter includes a lengthy interview transcript covering Gillingham's complete background as a practicing musician and composer, his habits, practices, and attitudes toward composing and teaching. A complete works list of all Gillingham's compositions concludes the study. This list includes compositions in all mediums for which Gillingham has written. Each entry includes the following information: title, date, commission, current publication status, instrumentation, and first performance information.