Video production/direction for The adding machine written by Elmer Rice, produced at Ball State University, November, 1997 : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Miller, Brian G.
Shawger, David C.
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Thesis (B.?.)
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The use of expressionism in drama allows the audience to view the twisted world of the protagonist caught in a hopeless life The glimpse into Mr. Zero's life in Elmer Rice's, The Adding Machine, is enhanced by the use of video and graphics in the Department of Theatre and Dance's 1997 production. These graphics, influenced by the expressionistic style, convey Mr. Zero's thoughts, dreams, and nightmares as well as those forces that control his life. The use of new technologies in this production ironically help convey Zero's dehumanization due to technology. Resistant to change, the technology leads and overcomes Zero's life. Through research, studio taping, graphic rendering, digital editing and special effects, the video production enhances the themes, imagery, symbols, and inner thoughts and feelings of the show.In this experience I wanted to experiment with different media and technologies for use in theatre. Theatre has long been competing with film for the entertainment audience, and the way theatre tries to catch up is with newer technologies. There is no question in my mind that the art of live performance has a very powerful effect on communicating the message of a show. In university theatre environments most students and faculty member fail to integrate newer technologies available to enhance how a show is presented. The director was aware of my experience in audio/visual design and asked me to serve as the visual media designer, or video producer for this show. I hope that in this process, the entire production staff was able to enhance this play and make its message more powerful and meaningful to the audience.