Perceptions of part-time nursing faculty and administrators related to job satisfaction

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Cowen, Elaine W.
Drake, Thelbert L.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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The two purposes of the study were to investigate and compare job perceptions (satisfaction-dissatisfaction) of two groups of part-time nursing faculty teaching in Indiana associate and baccalaureate nursing programs and to recommend guidelines for increasing job satisfaction of part-time employees. Referent groups in the study included:1. part-time faculty surveyed in 1983 and 19872. administrators of nursing programs surveyed in 1983 and 1988A 12-item questionnaire containing 12 job satisfiers relating to current and restructured positions was used to gather perceptions from referent groups.Findings1. Achievement, autonomy, and responsibility motivators were ranked in that order as the three most important job satisfiers by the combined 1983 and 1987 part-time faculty respondents in current and restructured positions.2. Part-time faculty, 1983, ranked salaries as eighth most important job satisfier in current positions and sixth most important in restructured positions. Part-time faculty, 1987, ranked salaries as eighth most important job satisfier in current positions and third most important in restructured positions. Administrators in 1983 and 1988 ranked salaries as ninth most important job satisfier for part-time faculty in current positions and most important job satisfier in restructured positions.3. Administrators cited budget, most frequently, as the reason they employed part-time faculty. Part-time faculty frequently mentioned inadequate salary as the most dissatisfying facet of part-time teaching.4. Part-time faculty most often listed interaction with students as the most satisfying facet of their teaching.Conclusions1. The job satisfier, salaries, has become more important to job satisfaction for part-time nursing faculty.2. With the exception of salaries, part-time faculty respondents ranked job satisfiers classified as motivators as more important in the restructured positions than job satisfiers classified as maintenance factors.3. Part-time teaching offers qualified nurses an opportunity for job satisfaction due to the many motivators which are inherent in the position.