Isokinetic testing of football players by position

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Russell, Wade O'Brien
Gehlsen, Gale M.
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Thesis (M.A.)
School of Physical Education
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The purpose of this study was to determine if isokinetic testing could be used as an effective means of assessing a players potential to play a certain position. The subjects were twenty four male division IA college football players. The Cybex 340 isokinetic testing device, twenty and forty yard dash, and standing broad jump were used to collect data. An analysis of variance test with repeated measures was used for the statistical analysis (ANOVA). Based on the findings of this study, no significant difference was found between offensive and defensive lineman, through isokinetic testing. However, a significant difference was found between the groups in the twenty and forty yard dash, and in the standing broad jump. Significant differences in these areas may have been attributed to a significant difference in body weight between the two groups tested.