Exploring graphical primitive attributes

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Kulambi, Srinath B.
Zage, Dolores M.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Computer Science
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The basic building blockss of all graphical output are primitives such as polyline, polymarker, text, cell array and fill area. These primitives have additional data associated with them to render visual effect on the display surface of a workstation. I have explored and analyzed these primitives and implemented them by routines written in C language for IBM and IBM Compatible Personal Computers. Some of the algoriths for these routines were integrated and implemented in the Extensible Graphics Software(EGS). EGS is a prototype graphics system developed by the faculty and students of Ball State University to study and research graphics systems.I have created a font for English alphabets and digit characters. The font and any algorithms created in this thesis would be included and implemented for further development of EGS.An effective attempt is made in this thesis to show how a graphics system could be developed with a minimal dependency on hardware of computers.