A psychometric study of the Choose Respect Measure

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Ambroise, Yves-Marie
Gerstein, Lawrence H.
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Thesis (Ph. D.)
Department of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services
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Three studies examined the reliability and validity of the Choose Respect Measure (CRM), a 65 item scale that assesses adolescents’ knowledge of unhealthy relationship, warning signs, and behaviors of dating abuse; it also assesses their likelihood of engaging in a healthy dating relationship, employing positive conflict resolution methods, and participating in bystander support for someone in an abusive relationship. Participants for all three studies were middle school students. In study 1, exploratory factor analysis was used to refine items based on middle school students’s (N =501, 50% female; ages 10-15) response. In study 2, an independent confirmatory factor analysis was conducted to confirm the factor structure of the CRM. Additional tests of convergent and discriminant validity were planned for the final study, but the second study failed to confirm the factor structure of the EFA, so an additional EFA was conducted with an independent sample (N = 264). Findings are discussed and implications for future research and practice are provided.